SmartRecruiters’ Talent Acquisition Suite is used by high-performance organizations for making the best hires. It has full functionality for recruitment marketing and collaborative hiring built on a modern cloud platform with an open marketplace for 3rd party recruitment services. Unlike the first generation applicant tracking systems it replaces, SmartRecruiters provides an amazing candidate experience, hiring managers actually want to use the product, and recruiters love us because we make their jobs easier. Companies like Visa, Skechers, Atlassian, Equinox, and Alcoa use SmartRecruiters to make recruiting a competitive advantage. For more information, follow us at @SmartRecruiters, on LinkedIn or on

Talentry offers companies a cloud-based social recruiting software for digital employee referrals. Using Talentry, companies can inform their employees about vacant positions; employees can then recommend these jobs via a number of channels (email, social networks, WhatsApp, Kakao Talk etc.) to suitable candidates.

The software results in a win-win-win situation: The company gains a new employee, a talented person gets employed and the person who recommended the job to one of his contacts receives a reward.

Talentry is now being used in more than 40 countries worldwide and is available in 11 languages.

Truffls is the market leader in the field of mobile recruiting for young professionals. This status combined with the strong quality-driven service approach, ensures that truffls serves as the first contact point for companies that want to acquire the best talents. These talents are on average in their early 30s, well educated, with first professional experiences – and are now looking for new challenges in marketing, sales, IT, HR and many other fields.


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